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Monday, August 9, 2010


What specific plans do you have for implementing technology in an educational setting as a result of what you have learned in 5720?

I think my vision of using technology in the classroom has greatly changed. With these changes comes a new approach of implementing technology in the educational setting. I now feel confident in composing websites, podcasts and video slides. I truly treasured the podcast I composed with my son. He really enjoyed helping me read and record some of his favorite children’s books. The joy in his expression proved to me how much delight a student can have by creating something of their own using technology. This gives me inspiration to use this tool in the future. I was impressed that the podcast procedure was very easy to learn. I wanted to continue adding children’s books to the podcast because of the user friendly website. I foresee using podcasts in my future.

I now have more experience in the creating side of technology, which is, in my opinion, more exciting than the user side. With my excitement for creating, I can envision many plans once I have my own library. When I obtain a school librarian position, I intend to create my school library’s website. I envision marketing my library to parents, students, and teachers in order to be a resource for each individual’s need. I want to incorporate library lessons using various media and be the collaborative, supportive librarian for the teachers.

I hope to be at a campus with some media devices in order to implement projects or create certain groups. I am a bit wishful in wanting to be at a campus with media devices. In my current school district, I have not visited a school with such luxuries. Having that pretend budget would help! I am now aware of what types of media devices I would purchase and how I would like to utilize them. I would like to incorporate gaming groups or provide students support with composing their own wikis or podcasts. There are various ways a librarian can support students in their learning using all kinds of different media devices or web tools. Luckily, some of these web tools are just that, tools that can be used on the web. All schools have web access, therefore the students can have exposure to these items and I, the new, enthusiastic librarian can be the person to expose them.