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Friday, June 11, 2010

Individual Technology Assessment

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As an educator who has taught in an elementary school setting for 8 years, I feel I have a lot more strengths than weaknesses in technology. I have been able to learn how to use many devices and programs throughout my years of experience, some more than others. I am aware of how to manipulate technology devices such as digital cameras, video cameras, computers, computer software, printers, scanners, mp3 players, palm pilots, data projectors, tape/CD players, and overhead projectors. I have experience with using various computer programs such as PowerPoint, word processing, music database files, web logs and some photo editing software. I frequently access instructional videos online to support classroom instruction. My weaknesses include creating and/or using web quests, creating a website, using podcasts, composing movies or video slides from pictures, and manipulating an electronic whiteboard.

I plan on using my strengths by collaborating with teachers to incorporate technology in lessons. Providing mini lessons on how to use various programs can enable students to create presentations on learned material. I can provide guidance in quality research and gathering data in student inquiries on various topics.

I plan to address the weaknesses by learning more about each one. I view myself as a hands-on type of learner. Therefore, I would like to explore with web quests, composing movies or video slides, creating websites, creating or managing podcasts and an electronic whiteboard. I am interested in the new media and technology as it becomes available. I foresee myself keeping up-to-date for the betterment of myself and my students as technology is always updating.